How Do I Make My Content Readable?

Your blogs and webpages aren’t just there for SEO and marketing purposes. You also want your patients, and potential patients, to enjoy them. In addition to ensuring your content is informative and clinically accurate, it also needs to be engaging and attractive to the average person. What can you do to make your content readable?

Grab Their Attention

Let’s start with the title. For SEO purposes, we often recommend titles that are phrased as a question, particularly questions a person may search for online, such as “How do I remove teeth stains” or “Why does my tooth hurt?” These are also titles that tend to grab readers. They let them know that you’re covering a topic that has impacted them in the past and may have information they need. If you can answer their questions about oral health online, then they may be more willing to take a chance on you treating them in person.

Ready-Friendly Blogs and Webpage Content

What scares off a reader more than anything? Large blocks of unbroken text. You should always spruce up your blogs with pictures, videos, and headers. You can also try multiple formats, switching from a traditional blog format (like the one you’re reading now) to a quiz, FAQs, or a list. As for word count, we tend to keep blogs between 350 and 500 words. Webpages tend to stay around that word count as well, but may be shorter. You want to provide them with the information they need, don’t just pad the page to fit the word count and squeeze in as many keywords as possible.

Write What They Need

When you choose a topic to write about it, make it relevant. First ensure its relevant to your office. Don’t write about treatments you don’t offer or issues you don’t address. Second, make it relevant to your patients, especially the patients you want to see. If you want to place more dental implants, cover tooth loss. If you have sleep apnea treatments, discuss sleep issues in your blog.

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