Inspire Your Audience to Make Your Content

There’s real value in having a social presence for your dental practice. Making your target audience aware of your product, and developing a relationship with this audience can have lasting, positive impacts for your business. Once you commit to creating social channels and maintaining an active presence online, you’ll realize that you need to create content. Lots of content. While you can plan, strategize, and create your own content, the best content will be created by your audience. When you inspire your audience to make content, it reaches even more people.

Your Audience Can Create Engaging Content for Your Business

What does it mean to inspire your audience to make your content? If your audience is taking pictures of themselves using your service or product and sharing those pictures with their friends, this helps you do your job. Encourage patients to take pictures in the dental office. (We send out a photo booth kit to our clients that they can download and print.) Ask your patients to share their photos with your pages and tag your dentistry in their posts. This boosts awareness and bolsters your online presence.

Audience-Generated Content Leads to Greater Reach

Why is audience-generated content so valuable? It’s not just that your audience is helping you do your job. When your audience creates content for you, and the members of that audience share your content with their respective social networks, the content has greater reach than your content alone could. Suddenly, people who had never heard of your practice before are seeing messaging about it online. This is the type of organic reach that marketers dream about. These type of endorsements go further than a lot of advertising, and they’re free.

Your Patients Have Credibility with Their Friends and Family

When you pay for advertising, you’re paying to send your message to people who wouldn’t otherwise see it. This can be effective so long as you continue to put money into your advertising budget. Organic reach often has a greater impact. When someone sees the endorsement of a friend or family member, this is considered more trustworthy than an ad. Think about yourself. Are you more likely to act based on seeing a paid advertisement or based on the recommendation of a family member? Plus, you don’t have to pay for this content.

Work with MDPM Consulting for More Marketing Tips

We specialize in dental practice marketing, so we’ve come up with tons of tips and methods to help dental practices build their online presence. Organic reach can be the most effective way to drive new clients to your practice. If you need help establishing a social presence or redoing your website, contact MDPM Consulting in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861.