The Presence Of Thin Content May Hurt Your SEO

How is “thin content” a problem for your website, and what can you do about it? The term refers to content on your page that does little to nothing for the people who encounter it, or to content that is recognized by Google as offering little to no value. That could be because the content is duplicated, or because it is written to emphasize links and keywords over providing real information. We can provide you with better content for your website, and help you improve your SEO efforts by better engaging with people.

Recognizing Thin Content, And Its Effect On Your Online Marketing Efforts

If you use content, or links, that are only meant to boost your ranking in online searches, you could find that you are hurting your SEO. Google’s first Panda update, which occurred in 2011, made it easier for the search engine algorithm to recognize content that was created to help a site raise its rank, and not give useful information. The reason behind this change should be clear – for Google to have real value, people who use it need to have the easiest time possible finding helpful information. If you have older content that was built to satisfy outdated search engine standards, or if you still rely on the heavy use of keywords and links to artificially inflate the “value” of your site, you can struggle to reach people as a result.

You Benefit From Sharing Useful Content On Your Website

A well-made website can impress visitors, and encourage them to see you for dental care. Google has grown in its capacity to spot SEO tactics that are not providing real value to the people who visit a site. The search engine’s algorithms also give more weight to users’ behaviors when they visit a site. In other words, if people are spending more time on your page, and seem satisfied with their search needs after visiting you, Google can see more value in what you offer, and your SEO can improve.

We Can Help You Improve Your Online Marketing With Effective Content

We can provide you with consistent, original content that helps you boost your SEO, and promote your practice. We can also help you share that content more easily by maintaining a better content production schedule, and distributing new blogs through the ideal social media activity.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Recognize Effective Strategies For Generating SEO

MDPM Consulting can provide the kind of quality content your site can use to reach more people! To learn more about the content we produce, or to discuss any other online marketing concerns you have, you can reach us by using the contact information listed below.

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