Google Social? Reviews Are All You Need

Over the past five years, it seems like everyone has tried their hand at a social media platform. This type of online community building and interaction has changed how we interact with each other and brands as well. It makes sense that Google would dive into this space, hence their Google+ project that never really took off. You may have never created a Google+ account (and the numbers would suggest that you probably didn’t), and you didn’t miss out. Google+ is now gone, so that’s one fewer social platform you have to worry about. The real social mechanic behind a Google presence lies in the reviews.

Google Reviews Signal Legitimacy and Trustworthiness

Why should you focus on Google Reviews? Well, for one, these reviews are tied to Google search results. So when someone Googles a query related to your business, reviews for your business may show up. You want those reviews to say good things about you. A volume of Google Reviews builds legitimacy. Users want to know that other people have used your service. Strong ratings indicate that your business can be trusted. These are the main reasons to put time and effort into managing your Google Reviews.

Garnering Google Reviews Is Easy

Getting clients to review your business is actually pretty easy. If you work in a service-oriented profession (like, say, dentistry), simply asking your clients for reviews will often work. If someone loves the care they receive from your dental practice, they’ll want to let others know! You can always just ask.

Respond to Reviews to Show Users You Listen

Another aspect of managing your Google Reviews is listening to the feedback you receive. Responding to every Google Review — the positive ones and the negative ones — shows your clientele that you listen to and address concerns. It’s also nice to show your appreciation for positive feedback.

MDPM Consulting Can Manage Your Google Reviews

If you need help managing your digital presence, MDPM Consulting is here. We work with dental offices across the country to help more patients find and use your practice. We can manage your online reputation, including responding to Google Reviews. Talk to our team by calling the MDPM Consulting office in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861.