Selecting The Right Colors For Your Website Design

Pantone’s color of the year is Living Coral, a warm coral tone that manages to be eye-catching and mellow at the same time. We recently used coral in a new website design for one of our clients – the new page replaces an older site that had been effective in the past, but was no longer current enough to reliably compete for online views. Typically, you can expect a website to start feeling out of touch after approximately three years. While a smart website design can help refresh matters, and maintain a better user experience, you should know that older websites can lack the technical features needed to maintain good SEO. An attractive page is more pleasing to the eye, and more likely to hold the attention of visitors. If you want to improve your online marketing efforts, it may be time to update your online presence. 

The Right Design Can Help You Keep A Modern Look, And Engage Users

Having the right content matters when you want to offer a positive user experience. With original, relevant content on your page, you can provide answers to the kinds of Google queries people looking for oral health care are likely to enter. That said, an unattractive our outdated website design can make people less likely engage after clicking a link. Your website is likely to be a potential patient’s first interaction with you. In that sense, you can think of your page as a digital waiting area – making sure everything looks nice and current can offer immediate reassurance that your practice is the right place for them.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Web Presence Current

Is a modern website all about the design? As important as the look of your page can be to your online marketing efforts, you also want to ensure you keep up with changes in technology and search engine algorithms. Older websites may struggle to load quickly, and they can be harder to navigate on a mobile device – both of these problems can hurt your SEO.

MDPM Consulting Can Offer Expert Support With Your Website Design Needs

MDPM Consulting can help you understand the importance of online marketing for your dental practice. We can also provide you with insights into the design elements and technical details that help your page maintain good SEO. For more information, use the contact information below to contact us!

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