What Questions Are Your Dental Patients Asking?

As a dentist, you’re addressing the medical needs of your patients. Although it looks and feels different than retail or a restaurant, you are in the service industry. You want your patients to feel like they can get the help they need. A welcoming care environment full of friendly faces can help you achieve this goal. Another important step you can take to add value to the experience at your dental practice is to listen to your patients’ questions. That may seem obvious, but there are actually a few reasons to listen closely. You can use those questions to enhance your online presence.

If Your Patients Are Asking You Questions, They’re Probably Googling Too

Of course you want to answer your patients’ questions during their visits, but you can infer that they aren’t the only people asking those questions. If a patient has a question about a particular treatment, there are probably other potential patients out there Googling the same question. You can use this knowledge to create content for your website blog and social media pages. If you’ve been getting a lot of questions about the benefits of dental veneers, then people are probably searching for that information online. If you publish a blog post about veneers, it could attract a new patient to your practice.

Pay Attention to Questions Specifically About Your Practice as Well

The questions your patients ask can be strong content-generation leads, but they also give you the chance to audit your own web presence. If patients that visit your practice regularly ask about your hours, or what services you provide, they may not be easily finding this information on your website. Take this hint and update the content on your website so that patients can find it efficiently.

If You Need an Update to Your Website or Some Fresh Content, MDPM Consulting Can Help

We’re a digital marketing team that specializes in dental practices. We want to help you grow and maintain your pool of clients with a strong digital presence. If your website could use an upgrade, or you need assistance generating content or maintaining social media pages, our team members can help. Discuss our full range of services by contacting the MDPM Consulting office in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861.