The Value Of Establishing An Online Presence Before Opening

Why should you consider promoting your practice before you officially open your doors for patients? Early promotion can offer SEO benefits, and generally help you spread awareness in time for when you do open. In the past, one drawback to this strategy was that Google My Business listings could not be established until a location was already operating. Fortunately, Google My Business listings can now be created in advance of your debut. This gives you the chance to start building your online presence, and ensuring healthy site traffic. As a result, you can have an easier time making your presence known when you open, and start seeing patients. 

You Can Think About Your SEO Efforts Before your Practice Opens

If you start thinking about your SEO efforts before your practice opens, you can put a plan into motion to enjoy better visibility online once you begin operations. This can help you avoid an awkward period where you have to struggle to make sure people in your area are aware of you, and the care you can provide. This also gives you the chance to promote your opening date, and any special events you have planned to introduce yourself.

Your Online Presence Can Help You Connect With People In Your Area

While the internet gives us worldwide access, you can use it to successfully target the people around you. We can work with you to focus on connecting to local people, so that your online presence is visible to viable potential patients. We can do this through the content shared on your site, and by building a site that effectively conveys your location to Google and other search engines. As a result, you can enjoy higher ranking in searches made by people in closer proximity to you.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Support Your Practice With An Effective Online Presence

MDPM Consulting is excited to help dentists generate awareness for a new practice, and we can also help older practices revitalize their marketing strategy. To learn how we can help you, please contact us via the information listed below.

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