Is Facebook Messenger Right for Your Office?

Social media platforms began largely as a way for people to communicate and interact with one another. Businesses have been able to enter these spaces and effectively use them for marketing purposes. Now, these social media platforms can be utilized as helpful tools for all kinds of businesses. Facebook Messenger is more than just an app for chatting with friends. Your dental office could actually use Facebook Messenger to connect with patients and provide them with helpful information. Today’s blog addresses whether or not Facebook Messenger is right for your dental practice.

Facebook Messenger Can Be Used to Communicate and Market

You can actually connect Facebook Messenger to your website, or simply use it in conjunction with your Facebook page. If patients have questions about hours, treatments, or even what toothbrush to buy, they can contact you through Facebook Messenger. You can easily respond with the appropriate information, providing a helpful service for your patients. Adding value to your dental practice increases patient retention and creates an open line of communication with your clients.

You can also use Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool. When patients opt in to receive Facebook Messenger chats from you, you can use the tool as a replacement for email blasting. You can also respond individually to each patient, creating a more personal line of communication.

If You’re Going In on Facebook Messenger, You Have to Go All In

If you’re ready to utilize Facebook Messenger for your dental practice, you have to commit to using the tool. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to link it to your website or develop marketing materials for Facebook Messenger, but you do need to have dedicated staff who are ready to quickly respond to messages. Slow response times on Facebook Messenger can hurt the visibility of your Facebook page and cause frustration for your patients.

Let MDPM Consulting Coordinate Your Facebook Messenger Strategy

Diving into any new social tool can be challenging — especially when your primary focus is running a dental practice. MDPM Consulting is your digital marketing partner. Our knowledgeable staff can help you operate and maintain social platforms that add value to your practice and engage your community of patients. To speak to one of our team members, contact MDPM Consulting in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861.