Can Search Engine Algorithm Changes Hurt Your Site Traffic?

Search engines, particularly Google, are often key to finding information about people and services in your area. When you promote your dental practice online, you can be discovered by more people in your area when you maintain a site that benefits from effective search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Of course, your SEO can change over time, particularly when search engine algorithms are updated. Not every algorithm update will concern your site – you may see no change at all after some changes. However, there are times where a search engine algorithm update can impact your site traffic, and make you less visible. We can help you maintain your SEO over time by paying attention to changes, and helping you adjust so that you continue to enjoy an effective online presence.

We Can Help You Stay Visible Online, And Continue Reaching Potential Patients

Algorithm updates are made to continue improving the experience of users on a search engine. Some updates may have little effect on you, while others can make changes necessary. Unfortunately, if you fail to realize that an update has taken place, you can find yourself slipping in search engine rankings without understanding why. We can help you avoid this problem, as we track when algorithm updates occur, monitor their effects, and help you respond promptly when changes are in order.

The Right Approach To Website Design And Maintenance Can Offer Continued Success

While the effects of search engine algorithm updates vary, one quality is consistent – they are meant to bring more relevant results to users. By maintaining a modern, well-designed website with relevant and original content, you can consistently provide a beneficial web presence. That can make it easier for people to find you, and more likely they will be interested in scheduling an appointment.

Talk To MDPM Consulting To Find Out How You Can Maintain Your Site Traffic

At MDPM Consulting, we can help you improve your online marketing efforts by helping you maintain your SEO, and offer useful content for potential patients. For more information on what we can do for your practice, you can contact us using the information provided below.

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