Ramp Up Seasonal Marketing Efforts for Halloween

You may not realize it, but holidays like Halloween actually present excellent seasonal marketing opportunities for your practice. These aren’t marketing opportunities in the traditional sense, but rather opportunities to brand your practice and engage your clients through social media. You may not think of that as “marketing,” because there’s no clear call to action, but it’s actually one of the best ways to grow your clientele. Everyone experiences Halloween together, so when you post pictures and stories of what you and your staff are doing to celebrate, you participate in the experience. Here’s how you can ramp up your seasonal marketing efforts for Halloween.

Share Your Own Halloween Story on Social Media

That doesn’t mean you have to make up a ghost story to share, but instead, you should tell your practice’s story of Halloween. Are you having an office-wide pumpkin carving contest? Is everyone dressing up on the day of Halloween? These are fun, visual experiences that your patients want to see! When someone chooses to follow your social media account or “like” your page, they’re choosing to follow your story. Make sure you tell it.

Promote Your Halloween Candy Program if You Have One

If your office hosts a trick-or-treat candy buyback or donation program, now is the time to share that with your clients. If you don’t host one of these programs, explore your options! When you promote these events and programs with your clients, you’re engaging them and offering a soft sell of your services at the same time.

Seasonal Marketing Materials Should Be Fun and Easy to Create

Social media platforms are valuable because they allow you to brand your practice, develop a following, and educate your following. All of these steps — while not direct calls to action — are marketing efforts that strengthen your practice. When it comes to making seasonal content, follow the fun and think about the types of pictures and videos you enjoy seeing on social media.

MDPM Consulting Clients, Tell Us About Your Halloween Experience

If your office is doing something fun for Halloween, tell us about it! We want to let your clients know by updating your social media pages. We’d also love to give you a shout out on our blog. Creating fun, engaging content on your social media channels is one of the best ways to organically grow your following. If you’d like to learn about how MDPM Consulting can help you grow your practice, contact our Dallas, TX office at 972-781-8861.