Is Your Site Vulnerable To Problems That Impact Web Traffic?

Your goal with your site should be to reach as many people in your area as you can, so that your practice and services are better known. Your web traffic measures how many people are visiting your site – when traffic starts declining, you can understandably worry about the effectiveness of your online presence. This decline could be less about the content on your site, or your efforts to promote yourself, and more about the way it is set up. If your page is not secure, if your site has been hacked, or if you have not kept up with Google algorithm changes, your SEO can be negatively affected. We can help you ensure your website is secure, supported, and able to maintain its relevance in local searches.

Making Sure Your Site Is Secure And Protected

A website that is not secure can scare away potential visitors, particularly because Google can warn people before clicking your link. If you have not moved your site from HTTP to HTTPS, you could be frightening people who would be willing to explore your site. You also need to avoid problems with hacking, which can make your site less attractive to search engine algorithms because of confusing or broken links created during a hack.

Are You Keeping Up With Google’s Algorithm Changes?

If you are caught unaware by a change to Google’s search engine algorithm, your SEO can be negatively impacted. We monitor potential updates, and make sure your site’s setup and content are tailored to suit any changes that might impact your website.

Do You Need To Replace Your Older Website?

An older site may need to be replaced with something new. New technology can make it possible to host a more secure, more attractive, and easier to use page. When newer sites offer a better user experience and more SEO-friendly design features, they can rank ahead of you online, and divert site traffic. We can help you improve your online reach by creating a modern website to promote your practice.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Sustain Web Traffic

If you are struggling to maintain web traffic, your ability to connect with potential patients suffers. MDPM Consulting can help you stay visible by providing necessary updates and adjustments when they are called for – to learn more, you can contact us by using the information below.

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