Remind Your Patients to Use Their Benefits

The end of the year can bring with it some amazing memories and experiences. Holidays and time spent with family are always a joy, but in the field of dentistry the end of the year can bring something else with it. Patients often wait until the last minute to try to schedule their appointments. Then you’re left with an overflowing schedule book and people who can’t get the care they need. Now is the time to start reminding your patients to use their dental insurance benefits before the end of the year. How you reach those patients will impact the results you see.

Try Making Your Physical Marketing Materials Personal for a Higher Retention Rate

You probably get mailers all the time from local businesses that you immediately toss in the recycling. Unless it happens to be a particular service or special that catches you at just the right moment, you won’t bite. These marketing materials just don’t grab the attention of their audience. That’s because they aren’t’ personal.

If you’re reaching out to current patients to remind them to use their insurance benefits, try doing so with a thank you card, or something that is personal and familiar. If the messaging on the card is sincere, the recipient is more likely to keep it, and that’s the goal.

Your Social Media Pages Are a Great Tool for Connecting with Current Patients

We tell our clients all the time — and it’s important to remember — social media channels aren’t advertising channels. Your social pages are places where people who already know and like you have opted in to your content. That means that if you build up an engaged following of patients on these pages (with consistent, enriching content), you have the perfect audience for a message like reminding clients to use their dental insurance benefits. Developing this social media audience takes time, which is why it’s something you have to work on consistently.

If You’re Looking for the Perfect Way to Reach Out to Current Patients, Talk to MDPM Consulting

The easiest pool of potential clients that you have is the one made up of current patients! Reminding your patients to make their dentistry appointments is an effective way to keep that calendar full, but using the right messaging is key. If you need help developing marketing materials that engage your clientele, contact MDPM Consulting in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861. Our team of content creators can help you reach those repeat patients.