How Proximity Affects Your Rank In Local Searches

If you perform an online search to find a place to eat, Google can tailor your results so that you see nearby establishments. If you want to make sure people in your area in search of dental care find you, then you need to make sure your location is clear to search engine algorithms. Proximity is one of several factors that can impact your SEO. Simply put, it refers to how close you are to a person performing a search, or to a location-focused search. We can help you maintain the proper information to indicate where you are, and we can help make sure your website is mobile-friendly, so that you can enjoy more visibility in local searches.

Making Sure Search Engine Algorithms Know Where You Are

In the past, adding “near me” to a search query would help to limit the geographic range of links provided by Google. As location-based searching has grown in popularity, you can be more confident that your search will yield local results, even if you leave out the “near me.” By keeping accurate location information on your site, and by adding the appropriate references in your website content, you can make it clear to Google’s algorithm where you are, and connect to nearby potential patients.

Making Your Location Clear For Geo-Modified Searches

A geo-modified search is one where you ask for information or businesses that are located in a specific area outside your current location. While algorithms can rely more on your prominence and relevance to rank sites in these cases, you still want to make it clear that you belong in these relevant searches. After all, you want to be visible when a family planning a move to your area starts looking for important services like dental care!

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Take The Right Steps To Improve Your Rank In Local Searches

MDPM Consulting can help you understand how factors like proximity, prominence, and relevance impact your standing in relevant search results. If you want to learn more about these matters, and find out how you can make your practice more visible online, reach out to us using the contact information below!

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