Is Your Content Relevant Enough To Rank Highly On Google?

After Google’s August algorithm update affected the ranking of websites, your page may have been affected. If you have concerns about the recent effectiveness of your SEO efforts, one issue could be the content you are providing. Consistently creating original content on your webpage can give search engine algorithms more to find, and share, meaning your posts improve your odds of being seen by potential patients. However, if that content does not seem sufficiently relevant to your practice, or to patient searches, you could find yourself with lower ranks in search results. We can help you understand the value of relevant content for your online presence, and we can help you navigate changes to Google’s search algorithm when they occur.

Google’s Core Algorithm Update Can Evaluate Your Content On Relevance

While the specific changes that occur during Google algorithm updates are important, holding on to their ultimate goal is key. When changes occur, the interest is in providing better results for users. August’s update made attempts to ensure that content provided to users would be more effective at addressing their questions. With this in mind, the content on your website should attempt to answer what you expect potential patients in your area to ask. Creating blogs that are relevant to your field, but not to what patients want to know, can be less effective than addressing potential questions and concerns.

How Original, Relevant Content Can Help You Support Your Website

By providing your site with regularly updated, original content, we can help you reach more potential patients. We can help you connect with people in your area by creating appealing, SEO-friendly work that is directed at their interests.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Keep Your Web Presence Highly Ranked On Google

If you want to improve your ranking in relevant Google searches, talk to MDPM Consulting! We can help you create and maintain a website for your practice that effectively promotes you, and what you do, to potential patients in your area. For more information on how we can help, please reach out to us using the contact information provided below.

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