How Can You Determine If An Algorithm Update Affects You?

If you keep up with trends and changes that affect search results, you may be familiar with the algorithm updates made by Google at the beginning of August. The August update was what is known as a core update, meaning it made adjustments to the main algorithm driving search result rankings. Because the latest changes seemed targeted towards sites that concern health matters, dental practices faced potential effects. We keep up with changes that affect your potential SEO efforts, which means we can make the necessary adjustments when an algorithm update might hurt your visibility. This can protect you against disruptions that leave you in a sudden struggle to reach people in your area.

How Algorithm Updates Impact Your SEO

Any time an algorithm update occurs, the general goal is to find ways to bring better, more accurate links to people during their searches. With that said, you may not realize the ways in which your site is unable to provide the relevant information or formatting Google values in its rankings. If this is the case, an algorithm update can lead to negative effects for your site.

We Can Help You By Keeping Up With Changes That Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

The purpose of your website is to make your practice visible to the people in your area, so that you can grow your patient base. If you miss changes like Google’s August update, your site can lose some of its value. We offer help with website development, and design. We also use original, relevant content on your site to increase your reach, and enjoy more opportunities for potential patients to find you. Because we focus on the value of your site and its content for patients, we can produce a web presence that Google and other search engines can prioritize.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Maintain Your Site’s SEO After Algorithm Updates

With MDPM Consulting’s support, you can maintain an attractive, beneficial web presence that can help you connect to more potential patients in your area. If you want to know more about how we can help you, please contact us using the information listed below.

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