Can My Website’s Age Affect My Online Visibility?

What would the age of your website have to do with your ability to reach people in your area? Older sites may feature JavaScript more heavily than modern pages, and that can affect their ability to convert properly to a mobile platform. If your site struggles to work well in a mobile platform, it can be ranked lower by Google, as the search engine makes an effort to prioritize mobile-friendly pages. If your site features older scripts, or if it was not as well designed as it could have been, your visibility can pay the price, which can make your practice harder to find. We can help you appreciate the benefits of a new or updated website, and show you how a modern, well-built website can improve your SEO efforts!

The Importance Of Mobile-First Indexing For Your SEO

Google’s algorithms make decisions about what websites need to be ranked, and where, when users perform searches. If people in your area are looking into dental services, or if they are looking for answers to questions about their oral health, obviously you want to be ranked highly in their searches. Mobile-first indexing is important to your success, as it tells Google that you have a good web presence on mobile platforms, which many users rely on. If your site is older, it may struggle to work well in this format, and it may be hard to make the necessary updates to fix this issue. If this is the case, potential patients near you may not see you when they look for dental offices online.

Is It Time For A New Or Rebuilt Website?

If your older website is failing to deliver the benefits you want, it may be time for an updated page, or even a new website. We can help you understand what you have to gain from these updates, and we can help you enjoy the perks of a more SEO-friendly online presence!

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Maintain A Modern, SEO-Friendly Web Presence

MDPM Consulting is proud to offer the kind of support that can help your practice extend its reach, and help you connect with more people in your area. You can contact us by using the information below to learn more!

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