Does Your About Us Page Make A Good First Impression?

A warm welcome can make a first-time visitor to your practice feel comfortable, and encourage them to see their appointment in a positive light. Because so many potential patients are “meeting” you and your staff for the first time through your web presence, that initial greeting may not come directly from you. The About Us page on your site can be used to introduce you, and your team, in a way that feels engaging, informative, and encouraging. They can also be the first page that a prospective visitor to your practice might interact with. Is your About Us page doing a good job of introducing your practice to people in your area? We can help you by providing you with a well-made, easy to use page that acts as a great first experience for potential patients!

What Should You Include In Your Website’s About Us Page?

You want your About Us page to introduce you and your team in an authentic, attractive way. You can add patient testimonials, and background details, while also highlighting your expertise. You should also remember that the way the information is presented to people can be important. Compelling information can easily be undermined by a page that is difficult to use, or unappealing.

We Can Help You Make A Great First Impression With Your About Us Page

We take pride in offering dental practices the online support they need to effectively welcome people to their practice. When you improve on the look, function, and content of your website, you can enjoy a more successful effort in using your web presence to support the growth of your practice. We can also help you understand how your website and social media activity can make it easier to keep your current patients connected to you.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Use Your Web Presence To Grow Your Practice

If you want to learn more about how your online information might be perceived by potential patients, let us know! We are proud to offer support in website building, design, and maintenance. To learn more, you can reach us by using the information provided below.

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