We Help Your Site By Keeping Up With Changes That Impact SEO

A website that shows up prominently in relevant Google searches can experience unexpected trouble when the algorithm used to rank sites is updated. If the person managing that site is unprepared for those changes, or unsure how to adjust to them, they could struggle to regain their position. Google’s August 1 update, which appeared to focus on health/wellness pages, had the potential to affect the ranking of websites supporting dental practices. Because there are reports of recoveries taking place after the update, it can be hard to anticipate what – if anything – should be done in response. We help our clients by paying attention to updates, reviewing reported effects, and providing ongoing support. Because we focus on supporting sites by providing organic and relevant content, we can help your site maintain effective SEO efforts.

Paying Attention To The Latest Google Algorithm Updates

When Google algorithm updates take place, the focus is consistently on making it easier for people to find links they want, and can trust, when they perform searches. Because we pay attention to what sites are affected, and what issues seem to be the focus of an update, we can make sure our approach to maintaining your page reflects those changes.

Are You Struggling To Keep Your Site Visible Online? We Can Help!

If you feel that the demands of maintaining your site’s SEO are overwhelming, or confusing, we can help. We pay attention to changes that take place with search engine rankings, and we also recognize that organic SEO efforts can consistently provide what patients hope to find when they perform a search online. We can help you keep your site relevant, and visible, by making sure it is user-friendly, and effective at supplying the kind of information needed to sustain high online search rankings.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Keep Up With Your Site’s SEO

MDPM Consulting can show you how an attractive, regularly maintained website can expand your visibility among potential patients in your area, and we can help you stay high in search rankings when the latest Google update creates uncertainty. To reach out and learn more about us, please use the information below.

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