How Our Call Tracking Sheet Can Help You Track Patient Info

With the right information, you can have an easier time staying connected to your patients, and reaching out to potential patients who contact you. We are providing our clients with a special call tracking sheet for their office, which can help you gather useful information about new and potential patients who call your practice. These sheets will help you find out what people are doing to find you, and they can help you see patterns in why people are calling. One problem a practice can run into is having several phone numbers available, or having too many contact points. This can confuse people, and it can confuse Google, which could hurt your SEO efforts. When you have a record of how callers found you, and what they wanted to discuss, you can make smarter decisions, and more effectively grow your practice’s profile.

Learning More About The Interests Of Potential Patients

By using call tracking sheets with new and prospective patients, you learn what people are using to find you, and what motivates them to place a call to a dentist. If patients are calling and asking you about a specific procedure, or you have several individuals bringing up a particular concern, these matters are likely also being investigated online. Anticipating this can make it easier to produce original content online that is more likely to be found in a search query, meaning you are more likely to reach those in your area.

What Kind Of Information Benefits Your Practice?

Are you gathering the right information during phone calls from new patients, or people who have yet to visit? There are several issues to consider:

  • What kind of services are motivating people to reach out to you?
  • How did they find your practice?
  • What motivated them to reach out to you, instead of looking elsewhere?

Our call tracking sheets can help you learn more about the people in your area, and they can help you retain the right information.

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Collect The Right Information About Your Patients

MDPM Consulting’s call tracking sheets help practices gather the kind of patient information that can make it easier to find out if your outreach efforts are working the way you assume they are. They also make it easier to track what motivates potential patients to call – with that information, you can create more effective online content, and reach more people in your area!

Are you ready to find out how call tracking sheets can help you connect with patients? Contact us today and let us help you! Email MDPM Consulting at, or call us at 972-781-8861.