How Google’s Latest Update Affects Health And Medical Sites

Has your web presence been affected by Google’s recent changes? A recent algorithm update appears to have disproportionately impacted web pages that cover topics concerning health and medicine. The changes seem to extend beyond generic information and news sites, as pages for medical offices have been impacted. Is your practice going to suffer a loss in visibility because of the latest algorithm update? Do you need to make changes to your site to accommodate new search engine values? We can help you avoid a potential negative effect from algorithm changes. We can also support you by providing you with a website, and SEO-friendly content, that offer the kind of useful information search engines are consistently looking to share with users.

What Should You Do When Search Engine Algorithms Change?

A change in search engine algorithms takes place in order to help people find useful information more easily, and more often, when they enter a query. You want your practice to be easy to find when people near you search for information about oral health care, and especially when they perform a search to find a practice they can trust. Because we focus on making sure your web presence benefits from organic SEO, your page can show that it has the kind of information prospective patients want.

Managing Your Website, And Helping You Enjoy A Consistent High Ranking

With a smartly designed, well maintained web presence, you can more easily reach out to the people in your community. The idea of staying on top of changes to search engine trends, and keeping up with the need to regularly update your site, can be tough – after all, you have a practice to run. With our expert support, you can enjoy the benefits of an effective online presence!

MDPM Consulting Can Help You Stay Visible When Search Engine Algorithms Change

MDPM Consulting can help you do what it takes to keep your practice visible online, and to make sure what you offer can appeal to people in your community. To learn more about the services we provide, you can contact us by using the information provided below.

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