Consider This Before Changing Your Dental Practice Hours

Consistency is key when it comes to both product- and service-oriented businesses. You want your clients to be able to count on what you offer. When you manage a dental practice, that means giving your patients the best service possible. Creating a comfortable care environment filled with friendly staff helps your patients feel welcome. Knowledgeable professionals give patients confidence in your practice as well as themselves. You’ve got the consistency of your operation down, now it’s time to make sure your online presence is consistent. When you change contact information like your phone number or hours, it can create problems for you online.

Changing Key Contact Information Creates Problems on Google

First and foremost, changing key contact information, like your hours or phone number, can create confusion for your clients. If patients can’t reach you by phone, or they come in only to find the lights off and the door locked, they may get frustrated. They may look elsewhere for dental care.

However, it’s not just patients who get confused when you change your information. Google can get confused as well. In many cases, Google will not automatically update your changes in availability or contact information. You’ll have to inform Google yourself, and you’ll lose some SEO power if you aren’t consistent about the changes across your website and other online platforms.

Keeping Contact Information Consistent Is Best for Business

You have a reason for wanting or needing to change your hours and/or phone number. These aren’t the types of changes that just get made for fun (and they certainly shouldn’t be!). However, before making a significant change, ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Changing this information has ramifications for how patients are able to find you online.

If You Do Need to Change Your Information, Do So with the Help of a Professional

When you make any sort of change to the information that helps people find you — your domain name, practice name, phone number, address, hours — you want to make sure this change isn’t causing you headaches online. MDPM Consulting can help you feel confident about your online presence. Our SEO expertise and content creation strategies help more potential patients find your practice. Learn more about how MDPM Consulting can help your practice by contacting our office in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861.