Will Google’s Quality Raters Help Or Hurt Your Site?

While Google uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically generate query results, the company’s Quality Raters can offer a human perspective on rankings. Quality Raters perform reviews of various search results yielded from different searches. Because they want to put an emphasis on credibility, they look for evidence that top-ranking sites are connected to reputable people or organizations. One way you can hurt yourself is by leaving your About Us page with little information, or leaving this page out entirely. If searchers are not able to connect your page with a real, credible person, your page can be devalued! We can help you reach more people in your area by building a website  for your practice that contains those important personal touches.

The Importance Of Knowing What Quality Raters Look For On A Website

Quality Raters help Google verify that useful information is being provided when people search, rather than spam or clickbait that attempts to “trick” algorithms into offering higher placement. The process of creating an attractive, credible website focused on organic SEO efforts can be a demanding one. With that said, those high search rankings will make your practice easier to find online, while also making you more attractive to potential patients.

We Can Help Your Practice By Keeping Up With Changes That Affect Online Visibility

Search engine algorithms can change, and give different weight to different features. Between these changes, and the feedback from Quality Raters, many people can find it difficult to enjoy consistent online visibility. It is important to remember that the goal of any search engine is to provide people with useful, relevant information. We can help your practice by providing you with a website, and original website content, that consistently meet those changing standards, and reach people in your area.

MDPM Consulting Can Support Your Practice By Helping With Your SEO Efforts

At MDPM Consulting, you can look forward to receiving a website that is designed to be easy to find, easy to use, and helpful to potential patients. Our commitment to useful, original content helps us provide you with superior SEO, which can help you grow your practice! To learn more about us, you can reach us via the contact information below.

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