Get It Right When Choosing Your Domain Name

If you own and operate a business in 2018, you almost certainly need a website. Unless you’re the family restaurant that’s been around for 50 years and has a line out the door for your famous biscuits and gravy, you have to have a web presence. Your company’s website is effectively your business card. It shows that you’re serious, and it offers relevant information in a convenient format. What’s the first thing people will notice about your website? Your domain. That’s why you’ve got to choose wisely when selecting a domain name.

Choose a Domain Name Before You Name Your Business

Gone are the days when you could conceive your website as an afterthought. In many ways, your website is the business. To maximize your searchability, you need a domain name that matches your business name. That means locking in your domain name is even more important than naming your business. Don’t wait until you’ve launched to pick out a domain. Find an available domain name now, and build your branding around it.

Choose a Domain Name for Now and Later

As with any business decision, you don’t want to be short-sighted when choosing a domain name. You need a name that helps potential customers recognize your product right away. However, you also need a name that can grow with the business. If you localize your name too much — Austin’s Best Bagels — then when your franchise expands to New Mexico, you may run into problems. While a local domain can help with SEO now, you don’t want to box yourself in too much.

Turn to the Experts to Help You Choose and Purchase a Domain Name

We want to help your audience find your business! In addition to content and website creation services, we can help you find and purchase the right domain name for your business. MDPM Consulting offers 100% original, custom-designed websites that are optimized for search. We can help you attract more customers or patients to your business or practice. Talk to us about how to secure the right domain name for your business by calling our Dallas, TX office at 972-781-8861.