Will The End Of Anonymous Google Reviews Affect Your SEO?

Managing a local business can lead to a full daily calendar, and no shortage of ongoing responsibilities. Businesses today need to make sure that they commit real attention to their web presence, and their online visibility. This can be an especially tricky task, as it can seem like the rules for how to stay prominent in search results change without warning. Recently, the removal of anonymous Google reviews left many small businesses and practices with a smaller presence online. Is this going to affect your placement on Google search results? How can you make sure unexpected changes will not undermine your goal of being visible to potential patients? Our office is ready to help you navigate these challenges, and help you understand how focusing on SEO (search engine optimization) can help your practice thrive.

Understanding The Value Of Organic SEO

Your goal is to make sure people in your area know about your practice, and are motivated to seek you out for care. A search engine’s goal is to provide people with helpful information based on their search queries. While the algorithms that affect SEO can change, an organic approach to SEO can lead to consistent online visibility. Creating relevant, useful content is of value to patients, which means it is the kind of content Google wants them to find when they look for a local dentist.

Are You Doing Enough To Keep Your Business Truly Visible Online?

As people continue to look for, and evaluate, businesses and services based on what is available online, your SEO efforts will continue to make a real difference to your practice. By taking care to provide content that is valuable to potential patients, we can help make sure local and nearby residents find you when they search for dental care.

Talk To MPDM Consulting About How You Can Improve Your Company’s SEO

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