How Do I Know If SEO Is Working?

When clients start a new online marketing strategy, they are excited and ready to watch their practice grow and attract new leads. However, many are confused about how we measure SEO and how one would know if their search engine optimization plan is even working. Today, we’re going to discuss how to assess SEO.

The Benefits of Organic SEO

Google prefers when websites take an organic approach to search engine optimization. That means that keywords are related to content on the website and blog and appear organically in the text. Links take people to related pages and relevant content. Also, the copy itself and original and well-written. When Google makes changes to their algorithms, these changes tend to have no negative impact on websites already incorporating an organic approach. For that reason, we focus on custom content and organic search engine optimization for our clients.

Measuring Traffic

How do we know if our efforts are working? We always keep track and send information as part of our SEO reports. While keyword stuffing and other frowned upon tactics can net results quickly, these results go away just as quick and can lead to your website being penalized.

With an organic approach using custom content, the result take time but will last. In order to monitor, we install Google Analytics and use Google Search Console. We can then breakdown your traffic, identifying new users, time spent on the website, and other metrics to ensure the strategy we’ve implemented is working and offering the results you’re looking for.

We can Help!

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