Do You Have Questions About SEO?

As a dentist, you need an online marketing strategy to help your practice grow. In addition, these strategies will need search engine optimization, which helps people discover you online when searching for a dentist in their community. In today’s blog, we’re going to answer common questions about SEO and dispel a few common myths.

Frequently Asked Questions About Search Engine Optimization

Question: Do I need SEO if I’m a small-town dentist?

Answer: Yes! Even in a small town, you have competition. Without SEO, when someone looks for a dentist online in your community, they may end up discovering a practice in a surrounding town that has optimized themselves for several cities. Having no strategy can impact your ability to be found online.

Question: Will I need to drastically change and update my website every time Google implements a change?

Answer: Not necessarily! We believe in a content-focused strategy, which means making sure every site contains unique, original copy, a mobile-friendly design, and best practices or keywords, link building, and local schema. Google’s changes are also to help users find original content best suited for their needs. By focusing on content, we rarely, if ever, need to make big changes when Google updates their algorithms.

Question: Does social media really impact my online marketing strategy?

Answer: While not a major impact, social media is still important for your online marketing strategy. Google does look for an active presence and social networks also allow you to say in contact with your patients and hopefully, meet a few new leads along the way.

Question: Does it matter if my content is original?

Answer: Absolutely! Remember how we mentioned original content earlier? Well, Google not only prefers new and original content, but also may penalize websites that use template copy or duplicate copy (that includes blogs as well). If you have any questions about your online marketing strategy or search engine optimization, then contact our team today!

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