How Do I Improve Local SEO?

Going local is essential for the success of any online marketing strategy. As a dentist, you know that people look for services online and want to find a practice close to home. As a result, a successful local SEO strategy can help you attract new leads.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Keywords are used to tell Google more about your content and help connect you to people searching for services. Long tail keywords, which are typically phrased as questions and contain Who, What, Where, How, and Why, are created to mimic how people will search on a smartphone or with a voice program. Examples include:

  • Why Does My Tooth Hurt?
  • How Do I Remove Teeth Stains?
  • How Do I Replace Missing Teeth?

They may also contain your city, especially in the headers and title of your page and blog posts. Your CTA, which sits are the end of each blog posts and web page, also contains keyword information linked to your cities and services. You should limit keyword-related services and phrases to three to five mentions on each page.

Checking Citations and Social Media

As part of your SEO strategy, you have a website, a Google My Business listing, and social media pages. It’s vital that your citations (contact information, such as name, phone number, and address) are consistent across these pages. There should be no confusion about how to contact you or find your office. If you find inconsistencies, then we can help you claim your Google My Business page and alter the details on your other sites and pages as well.

A Community Focus

Part of going local means taking part in your community. First, try and set aside a few blogs each month to discuss upcoming events in your community. You can also take part in these events yourselves, setting up booths and meeting people face to face. In the process, you will have local information available for your blog and social media pages, which makes the content more likely to be shared and commented on by people, encouraging the online interactions Google looks for.

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