Creating An Original Blog Post

Blogs can help SEO, making them an integral part of your online marketing strategy. They can also educate and inform your patients (and showcase your knowledge to potential patients). But in order to accomplish this, they need to be original and well written. Let’s look at what goes into creating an original blog post.

Topic and Length

First, you should blog about dental topics that impact your patients, more specifically, the patients you want to start seeing. For example, if you want to offer more dental implants, choose topics related to implant dentistry and tooth loss. You can also focus on common questions patients pose, or about information you wish they knew. We also suggest dedicating a few blogs a week to community topics. These tend to be shared more and also help with local SEO.

As for the length of your posts, too short and you don’t have space to add organic keywords and links. Too long, and no one will be willing to read them. We tend to prefer shorter content online. We’ve found optimal blog length to be between 350 and 500 words. Plenty of space to allow organic keywords and links, while also keeping your content succinct and reader friendly.

Making Your Posts Stand Out

In order to make your posts stand out to readers, we suggest making sure your have a picture or video in each one. In addition, break up long paragraphs of text with bullet lists, or alter formats. You can have a FAQs post, a quiz, or a list format.

Sharing with the World

Once you complete your post, don’t just stop at publishing to your website. Be sure you also share it on social media, along with a nice blurb telling people what your post is about and how it can relate to a person’s life. If you want to learn more about blogging, then contact our team today.

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