What’s In A Metadata Description?

In December, Google made a change to metadata descriptions, allowing more than the usual 160 characters. For a while, people could have detailed metadata descriptions up to 300 words. However, once again a shift has been made. As these descriptions switch back to the 160 limit, we would like to discuss what goes into your blurb and what makes them important.

How Many Words?

Starting last month, Google once again started keeping snippets limited to 160 words. Which means your descriptions need to be rather succinct. Your descriptions will be between two and three sentences. However, that means you have plenty of copy space to tell readers what’s in your content.

What Should I Include?

Remember, these snippets are what people see when you find your content on a search engine results page. If they’re Googling questions about dental issues or procedures, or about dentists in the area, your descriptions will be what causes them to click on the link. With that in mind, be sure you make your descriptions intriguing. For example, for a teeth whitening blog you could write:

“Can you obtain professional results from home? For more details about at-home whitening contact your Dallas, TX dentist, Dr. Fakename, at 555-555-5555”

In that short blurb, you included:

  • A question to grab their attention.
  • Information about what the blog covers
  • The city and state the dentist works in
  • Contact information

You can do a lot with two sentences, so don’t be bummed that your snippets have been cut short once again. Embrace this to cerate more clear and concise metadata descriptions.

We can Help!

Remember, our team includes professional copywriters who are ready to help you create original blogs and web copy. That includes writing up your metadata snippets and incorporating local SEO into each post. If you would like to discuss blogging or creating new content for your website, give us a call! MDPM Consulting is here to help!

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