Can Blogging Help Local SEO?

Google is going local. The search giant understands that when we look for a service or a business online, it’s not a nationwide search, instead we want something close, something in our community. As a dentist, you need local SEO to make sure you end up in the results of a local search. Amid all the talk of keywords, links, reviews, and schema, you may be surprised to learn how important blogging can be for staying local.

Local Topics

First, each blog typically contains a call to action. This is a paragraph at the very end, inviting people to contact your office for more information or to schedule a visit. You include, your phone number, practice name, and the cities you serve. In addition, the blog content itself can sometimes be used to boost local SEO. For example, we often create community posts for our clients. We set aside a few blogs a month to cover events in the community as opposed to strictly sticking to dental topics every time. These blogs are a chance to really focus on your city.

Keywords and Links

Every blog contains relevant links and keywords. For example, a teeth whitening blog will contain links to previous blogs on the subject, as well as your teeth whitening page. Keywords may include “removing teeth stains” or “how does teeth whitening work.” For community posts, you can include the name of your city in the headings and in the body. To be successful, keywords and links need to be relevant and organic. Which is why community posts are so perfect!

Other Local SEO Tips

Aside form blogging, here are a few additional tips for improving your local search engine optimization:

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