How Soon Should You Start SEO?

If you’re getting ready to open your own dental practice, you’ll need online marketing to stay competitive with other practices in your city and surrounding communities. Many assume that SEO and online marketing doesn’t start until you open your doors for business. However, the fact is that you need to get started with SEO much earlier, as early as 90 days before you open your doors!

Going Live

First up, let’s talk about your website. When should a website be live and ready to view? Again: why wait? Having your website up 60-90 days before you open your doors means Google’s bots have plenty of time to crawl and index content. This process is what decides where a website will appear when someone searches for services in your area. SEO doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t wait until you’re open for business before implementing your online marketing.

Blogging and Social Media

After Google’s bots crawl and index your website, blogging can provide a steady stream of content for them. Each blog we write for our clients is optimized with local keywords, organic link building strategies, and topic’s chosen to represent the services and procedures a practice offers. They are crucial for a successful SEO strategy and you should definitely start blogging as early as possible. You should also create and begin managing your social media pages as well. When people look you up, they are likely to visit your social media pages and you definitely want content for them to see.

Google My Business

Your Google My Business listing is vital, as this page is what people often go to see your hours of operation, location and contact information, and to find out if you’re a legitimate business. You should claim your listing early and make sure all the information contained within is accurate. We can help with this process, claiming and managing your listing.

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