Month: April 2018

6 Online Marketing Tips For New Practices

Are you getting ready to open a new practice? Or you adding a brand-new location? If so, then don’t put off starting your SEO and online marketing plan. You can never start too early! Let’s take a look a six marketing tips that can help your new practice.

5 Tips For Optimizing Your Dental Blogs

The goal of a blog is to provide informative content for patients and people looking for information on their oral health. In addition, you want content that Google can crawl and index, and hopefully, use to drive traffic to your website. In order to accomplish this, you need to optimize your dental blog.

Does My Site Need To Be Ready For Voice Searches?

Odds are, at some point in your day you will use a voice program, whether that means Siri, Cortana, or Alexa, Echo, or Google Home. As these programs become more advanced and commonplace, more and more people will be relying on them to search online for everything from restaurants to dentists. Does your website need… Read more »

Have You Looked At Your Google My Business Listing?

For our clients, we always claim and manage their Google My Business listing. However, if you aren’t a client of ours and you haven’t claimed your page, you should do so. When someone looks for a dentist in your community, they’re likely to come across your GMB page. If the information isn’t accurate, you could… Read more »

Do Dentists Really Need Mobile-Friendly Websites?

Often, we speak with dental professionals that doubt how much SEO and marketing can really help their practice grow. This is never more apparent than when discussing creating a mobile-friendly web design. Dentists, like any business nowadays, need to have websites easy to navigate on smartphones and tablets.

How Does Color Impact Your Website?

Pantone just announced their 2018 Color of the Year! This year the honor goes to Ultra Violet 18-3838. This got us thinking about the ways that color and shade can influence your design’s mood. The color schemes of a pediatric dentist’s and a periodontist’s website should vary significantly, and for very good reasons. How does… Read more »

Why Do We Need Search Engine Optimization?

Many people assume SEO and other marketing strategies are necessary only for large corporations looking to attract clients and customers nationwide. However, with an increased focus on local, dental practices and other community businesses can benefit from a search engine optimization strategy. Let’s look at how SEO can benefit your dental practice, even if you… Read more »

FAQs: Why Do I Need A Custom Website?

If you’re looking for a website for your dental practice, you’ll find a number of companies online bragging about their ability to provide one that is incredibly cheap. Many of these companies accomplish this with template websites and content. While these sites can be affordable, they won’t provide an SEO boost, and may actually have… Read more »