Let’s Talk Link Building

When you create a new page of content, you need to have formats that improve readability, as well as relevant keywords. But what about links? These are an essential part of your SEO and important to your content. However, when done incorrectly, they can do harm than good. Let’s talk about link building!

Making Connections

Each page on your site should contain between three and five links. Some will be obvious, such as the ones in your call-to-action that lead to your contact page, social media, or Google page. The others should be relevant to the page. For example, on your cosmetic dentistry page, you can have several leading to pages dedicated to your specific cosmetic procedures. A webpage on veneers can lead to related restorations, tooth loss can include links to dental implants. They should be relevant and organic, for a very good reason.

Improving SEO

In a bid to get quick rankings boosts, people may consider cramming as many links as possible. But when Google’s algorithm finds a page with tons of links leading to unrelated content, the website’s rankings actually suffer. Google correctly assumes they aren’t focused on providing good content to users, and don’t want to direct people to them. Organic and relevant link building is essential for your website.

Backing Your Claims

You want to show your patients that you’re an expert. When you make a claim about treatments, common oral health problems, or other areas of dentistry, you can include a link to a webpage that backs that claim. In addition, you take them on a journey though your site, showing them to breadth of your knowledge.

We can Help!

Remember, we’re always here to answer questions or address concerns. We can hep with your SEO and marketing strategies, and make sure you’re providing the original content and organic SEO that Google looks for.

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