What Questions Are Your Patients Asking?

Do you often get the same question from your patients about procedures, symptoms, or about your insurance or financing? When we have a question nowadays, often checking Google is a reflex. If your patients are asking these questions, they’ve probably already Googled them. That means taking steps to ensure your website, blog, and social media pages address these common queries can improve SEO and user experience!

Know What Your Questions Need to Know

The way we use search engines has changed drastically since the rise of smartphones and voice search. Now, we don’t use simple keywords, but we use phrases containing long tail keywords. Instead of, “Dallas dentist” we will search “How do I find a dentist in Dallas?”

As a dentist, this means your copy should incorporate common questions and phrases that patients ask. Do you often ask if you have financing? Then that questions should appear in your headings and content. That way, when someone in your community searches that, Google’s algorithm will be more likely to direct them to you by placing your website in one of the top spots on a search engine results page.

Improve Your SEO

You should incorporate keyword phrases containing who, what, why, and how into your content. You should also go local, adding local keywords about your location and community. You improve your SEO while also tailoring your copy to your patients and the issues that matter to them.

We can Help!

If you want to seem like an authority on common dental topics and to create content that makes Google’s algorithms more likely to place our website on a higher ranking, then contact MDPM Consulting. We can help with a custom content strategy, from copy to design and social media. Give us call at the number of below, or shoot us an email, to schedule a consultation today.

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