Why Do Dentists Need To Blog?

When we talk to dentists about creating original content for their website, they’re always on board, but sometimes a bit hesitant about the blog aspect. Why does a dentist need a blog? Well, they offer a host of benefits, from SEO and patient retention, to creating new leads and offering custom content to share on social media.

How Does Blogging Help SEO?

When you add new content to your website, Google has bots that crawl and index the pages. The process can help improve overall rankings on a search for dentists in your area. Blogging does the same thing. You provide a new page of content several times a week, optimized with organic keywords and links, for Google to crawl and index. As a result, there is a greater chance of landing on a higher spot on a search engine results page.

Will My Blog Help Attract New Patients?

In addition to a high spot, your blogs will address common dental questions or discuss treatment options. When people visit your website, they will find a blog page filled with posts showcasing your level of expertise about a variety of dental topics. In addition, these posts may come up for searches regarding dental treatments or problems in your area.

You also have content to share on your social media pages. As your current patients like and comment, they end up sharing the posts with their friends, introducing you via social media to a wider range of people, people that may eventually need to see a dentist (and that have become familiar with your office).

What Should I Be Writing About?

Primarily, your blog should focus on dental topics. Each post should be between 350 and 500 words, employing local keywords and links. Each one should be original, you can reuse topics but not copy. In addition, you should also write occasionally about your community, covering events or holidays, as this can also be a boost for local SEO.

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