Is Your Site Ready For Google’s Speed Update?

Google has always made speed a factor when ranking websites on a search engine results page (SERP). However, until now this only referred to the loading speeds of pages on a desktop website. However, starting in July Google is making a big change: Factoring the page loading speeds of mobile websites. Are you ready for Google’s speed update?

Speed and Mobile Ranking

According to Google, their speed update will only impact websites with very slow speeds that negatively impact a user’s experience. As a result, only a few searches on smartphones and other devices will be impacted by this change. However, this is a great chance to address any issues you may be having with how your site loads. Remember, our team can evaluate how quickly you site is loading and make changes to improve load speeds (if necessary).

Are You Mobile-Friendly?

While we’re talking about mobile, do you have a mobile-friendly website? Your website should be responsive, offering users with smartphones access to a version of your website that is easy to navigate on devices other than laptops or desktops. You can test for yourself real quick, just look up your website on a smartphone. Do you see a different version, one with a hidden menu and that is easy to navigate with your fingers? If so, you’re good! If you see a shrunken version of your main site, which means constant resizing with your fingers and thumb to try and navigate, then you don’t have a responsive one and need to go mobile!

We can Help!

We can assess your load speeds on mobile and make changes to help. We can also redesign your website or update it to offer a responsive option. More people now search the web with their phones than a desktop or laptop, which is a major reason Google is making this change in 2018. Be sure you’re ready for the this change, as well as the general trend of greater smartphone usage every year.

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