How Often Do I Need To Blog?

Do you have a blog for your dental site? Congratulations! Having an active dental blog can offer a number of benefits, such as SEO improvement. But how often should you blog? What topics should you choose to focus on? In today’s post, we’re going to talk a little about blogging for dentists.

How Posting Helps SEO

How does sharing a blog help with your SEO? First, each new page of content you publish, even a blog post, is crawled and indexed by Google’s bots. Optimized content (original, organic keyword and links) can help improve a website’s ranking on a search engine results page (SERP). The regular addition of new content can help your site maintain a good position on a search for a dentist in your community. In addition, having something to share regularly on social media provides more opportunity for people to share, like, or comment. An active social media presence is a definite benefit to a growing business.

Choosing Great Topics

Of course, you need content that is related to your community and your practice. Otherwise, you won’t gain many benefits and people are less inclined to check them out. You can write about dental topics, such as procedures or information about oral health. You can also discuss changes or updates to your office and team. Many of our clients have great success with community posts, in which they write about events taking place in a client’s city. These especially fun for people in the community to share and comment on.

When to Share

You know why they help, and what topics to focus on. Now, how often should you write and post a new bog? That varies depending on your practice and where it is located. Some of our clients prefer one to two times a week, some want a post five days a week. There is no definitive answer, but some studies point to bigger benefits from more postings. Just be sure you aren’t overloading your patients on social media with multiple posts ever day.

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