3 Tips For Writing Better Website Copy

SEO involves optimizing your website’s content, helping you enjoy better rankings on a search engine results page. However, in order to get the most from your SEO, you need to have quality copy. In today’s blog, we’re going to look a few simple tips for writing better website and blog copy.

Tips for Writing Better Copy

  1. Be Original: Don’t just copy content from other websites. One factor Google’s bot will look for is originality. When you use duplicate or template text, then your rankings can suffer. For this reason, you should always have copywriters creating original text about your services and practice, don’t simply purchase a site with template content, as this can hurt your SEO. If you blog, don’t republish the same blogs verbatim. You can always address the same topics again, but make sure you’re writing something new each time.
  2. Clinical Accuracy: Your website and blog are meant to inform people just as much as improve SEO. When someone is looking for a dental professional, they want to know they are in good hands. As such, your website should always contain clinically accurate content regarding your procedures, dental problems, or facts about your office.
  3. Reader Friendly: While accuracy is a must, remember that for the most part, dental professionals aren’t reading your pages. You don’t need a teeth whitening page that can stand up to peer review in a scientific journal. You need a readable, but accurate, depiction of the services you provide and what a patient can expect. Remember to make sure all of your content is friendly to people who may not have heard of the procedure your talking about before clicking your age. If you blog, try and choose topics that will apply to your readers, focusing on the issues they often ask you about or seem to need more information about.

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