What Makes Organic SEO?

You’ve probably heard of search engine optimization. Most people assume this refers to using keywords and other tactics to “game the system” and enjoy higher rankings. However, we believe organic SEO, in which we focus on content first, is a much better way of boosting rankings and helping you enjoy optimal positions on a search engine results page (SERP). What makes organic SEO?

Focus on Content

Your webpages and blogs are going to be read, by your patients and by Google’s bots, which will crawl and index every page. Both will take note of well-written, original, and error-free copy. But for the bots, this can be a factor in where you place on a SERP. By focusing on better content on our pages and in your blog posts, you can improve search engine optimization, along with creating engaging copy for patients to see.

Local Keywords

Keywords have taken the long-tail route since about 2013. Which means keywords are often tied to the location and also phrased as questions people would ask. The rise of mobile and voice means we approach online searching differently. For example, you would ask or type in your smartphone “Where do I found teeth whitening in My City?” or “Do I have a cavity?” as opposed to “teeth whitening My City” or “Cavity My City.” But remember to avoid stuffing and limit your keywords to about three to five mentions per page.

Link Building

Each page should have between three and five links. However, these should be connected to related content. For example, your teeth whitening page can link to cosmetic dentistry. On a blog, you can link to a previous and related post, as well as to your contact page and related website copy. Organic links are an important aspect of your strategy.

Google My Business and Social Media

You need a Google My Business page with reviews and relevant contact information. You also need to chare content and have reviews on your social media and Google My Business pages.

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