Should You Give Yourself The Gift Of A Microsite?

Many dentists have a great website that covers most of their procedures, as well as information about their offices. However, some dental professionals also have expertise in the fields of sleep medicine, dental implants, periodontics, and other specific oral health fields. Should you consider adding a microsite to your website to shine a spotlight on these specialties?

Local SEO Benefits

How does having a microsite help your SEO? Well, you will have another chance to incorporate local keywords and links, in both your website copy and your blog copy. In addition, you can implement a keyword strategy based on a more limited focus. For example, if you have a microsite dedicated to dental implants, you can have keywords to help ensure someone looking or implants or a solution to tooth loss in your community or surrounding communities will be more likely to find you in one of the top spots of a search engine results page.

We can Help!

We have built multiple microsites for our clients, focusing on a wide array of specialties and dental fields. We ensure the design reflects your main website as well, for uniformity. The quality of the copy and content on the same will be on level with your main site, even though the new site will naturally be a smaller site, since the focus is on one specific treatment.

Are You Ready for 2018?

Should you consider one for 2018? Well, we can help you with that decision. We’re offering a free end of the year consultation for clients and non-clients alike. We will take a close look at your current website and marketing plan, and then create a list of action items to help improve your plan in 2018. Why not sign up and see what changes you should consider implementing, and if you would benefit from adding a new site? Remember, MDPM Consulting is always here to help!

Do you have questions about creating and maintaining a microsite? Looking for new ways to help your practice grow? Then contact us today and let us help! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at, or give us a call at 972-781-8861!