3 Steps For Writing Strong Blog Copy

When we talk about writing blogs, we often focus on formats and the use of keywords and links. While these are integral to successful blogging, you also need to have interesting content. After all, keywords and links get a person there, but your content keeps them around (and perhaps, helps them choose you over other practices in your community). In today’s blog, we’re going to look at three steps for writing strong copy.

  1. Address Real Concerns

You know your patients better than anyone. You know what issues they often suffer from, and what questions they often come to you for. What better topics for your blog? You should be addressing these issues. After all, they are problems or questions they are likely to Google. If you can help them online, they may be more likely to see if you can help them in person with an appointment at your practice.

  1. Statistics and Clinical Accuracy

You’re a dental expert, but someone dropping by your website doesn’t know that yet. Your posts are a great way to showcase this. You can include statistics in your posts, and also strive for clinical accuracy. They should know from reading your content that you understand dentistry and also how to help people enjoy healthier and more beautiful smiles. Statistics can also be a way of showing people that they are not alone with the issues their smiles are facing, while also letting them know treatment is available (and available at your practice).

  1. Stay Readable

While you should always strive for clinical accuracy, don’t forget your audience. You aren’t writing for other dentists or for a respected journal. Your blog is for patients that may have little to no dental knowledge. Remember to make your content readable and approachable for people that haven’t obtained a degree in dentistry. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t include statistics and showcase your expertise, just make sure you do so in a way that is easy and enjoyable to read.

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