The Advantages Of A Mobile-Friendly Website

2017 is quickly wrapping up, in fact, October is almost gone! With that in mind, you need to be looking forward to 2018. When you look at your website on your smartphone, do you see a mobile version, which means it looks more streamlined and has a hidden menu? If not, then you could be hurting your chances of picking up leads (as well as your SERP rankings). There are a number of advantages to having a mobile-friendly website, as we will see in today’s fun quiz!

Try Our Quiz on the Advantages of a Mobile-Friendly Website

  1. True or False: Way easier to navigate in a smartphone.
  2. True or False: You can enjoy higher rankings.
  3. True or False: People prefer the cleaner esthetic.

Answer Key

  1. True. Without a mobile-friendly option, you get a miniature version of your desktop site, which means being forced to resize the screen with your fingers and fumbling with clumsy navigation. In fact, people one smartphones and tablets often just leave the website within seconds. They won’t give your copy and beautiful design a chance to grab them, they’ll just move on. Don’t let potential leads give up, make sure you have a responsive website. Remember, more people use smartphones to look online than desktop sites.
  2. True. Google has implemented mobile-first indexing, which means priority is now placed on websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly. If you aren’t, then your rankings could reflect this and drop. When someone searches for a dentist in your community, you want to be one of the first results, and being mobile ready can make this possible.
  3. True. The rise of mobile use means that certain aspects of mobile design are becoming popular even on desktop sites. People prefer a cleaner look, hidden or limited navigation, and just simplicity. In 2018, this trend is likely to continue as more and more people rely more and more on smartphones to search online.

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