4 Ways To Improve Your Blogging Skills

We’ve been talking a lot about different aspects of blogging lately. Recently we’ve covered tips on writing great titles, the benefits of guest blogging, and why you should take time to write about your community. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about a few ways you can help improve your skills as a blogger!

Ways to Improve Your Blogging Skills

  1. Research: Know your subject! If you’re a dentist writing your own blogs, then this part may not be too difficult. After all, knowing the world of dentistry inside and out, and keeping up with the latest advances, is part of your job. But for others writing for dentists and specialists, such as periodontists, you need to do your research. Remember, you’re speaking for a dental expert. In addition, having clinically accurate blog posts is crucial for showing potential visitors to the website that your client can provide quality care.
  2. Know Your Patient Base: Remember, as far as SEO, Google is looking for original, well-written content with a solid link strategy and keyword placement. The topic of your post is meant for the patients. You should write posts that speak to common questions they ask or information you feel they need. If you’re a dentist or staff member, you know your patients well and should incorporate what you know. If you’re writing for a dentist, then talk to your client about their patients.
  3. Edit Ruthlessly: If someone is deciding between you and another practice in your community, you don’t have room for error. Don’t let a misspelled word stand between you and a new patient!
  4. Keep the Focus on Original Content: Don’t fall into a common temptation: reusing old blogs. Even if it’s been years, don’t copy content. Google can penalize your website and your rankings could suffer. You can always revisit topics, but make sure your content is original and unique. If you have any questions about blogging, remember that we’re here to help and we can answer any of your questions.

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