Don’t Be Caught “Not Secure”

A lot of fun things take place in October, like Halloween, for example! However, in the world of SEO, October is also when a huge shift will occur. Starting this month, Google will begin marketing sites that are HTTP as “not secure” on Google Chrome. If you haven’t made the switch to HTTPS, act now!


Look at your website’s URL. Do you see HTTP or HTTPS? If you just see HTTP, then on Chrome people may see “not secure” next to the address. Unsettling, correct? However, next to HTTPS, they’re going to see “secure.” Being secure means that any information a person gives your site, such as when they fill out a form or send a question, is encrypted and protected. Even if data is stolen from your website, the data is useless because it’s encrypted and there’s no key available to decipher it. User are also safeguarded against middleman attacks, where someone tricks a user into giving up viable information.

As far as SEO, Google will place priority on websites that put the security of users first. If you don’t update, then you could finder your rankings suffer. Don’t scare people away and don’t let your SEO suffer when you can address the issue head on.

We Got You Covered!

If you’re a client with us, good news! You’re already HTTPS ready. If you have any other concerns about your website’s security, then just give us a call!

We can Help!

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