Do You Have Questions About Going Mobile?

What does going mobile mean in the world of website design? Simply put, this refers to sites you can easily access and navigate on a smartphone or tablet. We still encounter dental practices without a mobile option for their site. As we will see, this can have a negative impact on SEO and on the ability to attract new leads.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Question: Is my site already responsive?

Answer: Not sure if you should change your website? Well, get on your smartphone and go to your website. What do you see? If you see an exact copy of what you see on your laptop and desktop, which makes it hard to navigate on a phone without resizing the page, then you don’t have a responsive site. If you see a more streamlined version with a hidden menu, which makes navigation on a phone or tablet simple, then you’re good to go!

Question: Does this benefit my rankings?

Answer: Absolutely! Have your ever heard of mobile-first indexing? This refers to Google’s policy of rewarding sites with mobile versions higher rankings. After all, if your focus is on a satisfactory user experience, and more people use smartphones than desktops or laptops, then you definitely want to direct people to sites that can be viewed with ease on a smartphone.

Question: Do people really prefer a mobile-friendly option?

Answer: They do! In fact, when people surfing the web on a phone come across a non-mobile site, they tend to leave in a matter of seconds.

Question: Will I need a whole new website?

Answer: If your website is new, then we may just recommend a redesign. However, if your website is between three and five years old, then you may consider a whole new one. After all, in just a couple years design aspects can become very dated, which is why we recommend updates or redesigns every few years.

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