What Does The August Algorithm Update Mean For You?

According to Google, every day brings a roll out of algorithm tweaks and updates. But even though they may not announce them, major updates still occur and reverberate throughout the world of SEO and online marketing. On August 22nd, a major update that has since been dubbed “Hawk” debuted. What does this August algorithm update mean for you?

The “Hawk”

The Hawk update is related to local searches. Basically, the update tries to filter out duplicate search results to ensure that a single local company doesn’t dominate a SERP. Now, you may say, “Didn’t Google already do this with Possum?” Well yes, but there were some unintended side effects the first time around.

Changes from Possum

We wrote about Possum a few times when the update first debuted. One of the benefits was meant to filter out results that had the same address and phone number, the goal being to ensure one company doesn’t make up several top spots on a results page. However, what happened was many companies that were different, but physically close to a similar business, were left out entirely. As a dentist, this could mean that a competitor down the street with a stronger SEO strategy would push you out.

Hawk corrects this. The update still ensures one company doesn’t dominate the page, but it ensures similar businesses located near each other are still able to rank.

Should You Change Your Approach?

The good thing about a content-based marketing strategy: you don’t need to sweat when these updates occur. Updates are usually designed to target the ways poor SEO tries to game the system, with say, keyword or link stuffing (or template websites). If you maintain a strategy based on original content and local SEO, as we do for our clients, these changes tend to actually help.

We can Help!

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