Should You Rethink How You Blog?

Do you maintain a dental blog for your practice? If so, congratulations! Posting regularly can offer a number of SEO benefits for your practice. However, there are right and wrong ways to blog. Understanding how to write optimized and original posts can offer a search engine optimization boost.

What’s in a Post?

First, how long should a blog post be? We tend to favor between 350 words and 500 words. Long enough to organically place keywords and provide important information, while also not being so lengthy that people give up after the intro paragraph.

We suggest shaking up the format. Try lists, Q&As, quizzes, anything to keep the blog from becoming stale. You should also include links to your website and past posts (but no more than five, you don’t want to stuff links or keywords, Google can penalize your site if you do). Long tail keywords, especially in the headers, title, and CTA, are important as well.

Finally, add pictures and videos to break up the text! The post appears more reader friendly. But be sure to label the images. Remember, Google’s bots can read text, but not images, so renaming them is vital.

How Does Blogging Help SEO?

For potential patients, your posts can offer a glimpse into your expertise. For your rankings, they can provide a steady stream of new content for Google’s bots to crawl and index, offering a boost over time. But! Don’t reuse old blogs and don’t steal copy. Google only rewards unique and original copy.

A Community Focus

While you should focus on dentistry, feel free to set aside a few per month for community topics. These can help local SEO, while also providing content your followers on social media will belikely to share, like, or comment on. If you have any questions or concerns about blogging, or if you need assistance with creating original content, then give our team a call today.

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