Can Psychological Principles Impact My Design?

We’ve talked before about how color and line can impact a person looking at your website. When creating a new website or microsite, it’s important to keep those factors in mind. However, there are also other psychological principles you should be aware of. Understanding how certain aspects of design can impact a person’s thoughts and feelings can be very valuable in the creation of a new dental website.

Common Psychological Principles in Graphic Design

  • Mental Models: To help ensure your website is intuitive to navigate, you can create images that move left to right and up and down. Doing so can help people navigate your page almost by instinct, which is something you definitely want. No one should have to slow down or feel confused about where something is located.
  • Visceral Reaction: Using images or designs that provoke an instant felling to people looking at your site. For example, a cosmetic dentist using images of happy people with beautiful smiles or a pediatric dentist having pictures of balloons or trees.
  • Gestalt Principle: A single logo is created using multiple separate images grouped together. For example, the rings in the Olympic logo or the shapes in the NBC logo. The image can be fun and unique, as the user can see the multiple individual elements, as well as the picture their grouping creates.
  • Van Restorff Effect: With this principle, you add a unique object among a group or row of similar objects. Such as a row of dark colored shoes and one pink one. You can use this principle to draw a user’s eyes to certain parts of the webpage.

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