3 Indicators That You Need A Redesign!

While a website is essentially your online office, you shouldn’t treat it like one. For example, would you completely renovate your actual office every three to five years? Of course not! But you should absolutely do this with your online office. Otherwise, outdated design components and backend aspects can lead to poor loading. In addition, outdated design can even have a negative effect on SEO! We’re going to look at three indicators that you need a redesign.

Slow Loading Pages (Or Frequent 404 Errors)

If your page is slow loading this can lead to two things:

  1. Google will rank you lower than a site with a faster loading page.
  2. People will grow frustrated and leave your site and subsequently, be less likely to contact you for treatment. There are online tools available to help you assess the load times for your site.

In addition, technical errors, such as 404 messages and pictures and videos that won’t load, can impact your growth. After all, a poorly maintained (or outdated) site can make people hesitant to see you for treatment. What if your reliance on outdated technology extends to your treatment as well?

High Bounce Rates

You can look at your bounce rate, or the rate at which people leave your website within a few seconds. If this is high, then you know to look for loading issues and technical problems. You should also think about updating your site if it’s older than five years. You could be using outdated design elements or bulky navigation, both of which can lead to negative user experiences.

Not Optimized for Mobile

Here’s the big one. Are you optimized for mobile? This means that there’s a mobile version of your site for people checking it out on a smartphone or tablet. If not, then people aren’t going to stick around. You need to be ready for mobile, since more people now use that to look online than a desktop or a laptop.

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