4 SEO Components You Shouldn’t Forget!

Search engine optimization can often be intimidating for practice owners. We understand, and work with our clients to ensure everyone enjoys a clear understanding of how SEO works and why we do what we do. For those handling the issue on their own, or who want a better understanding, we’re going to look at four SEO complements you shouldn’t overlook when creating or maintaining your website.

Is Your Site Accessible?

Sounds pretty obvious, right? Often, people put their site online and essentially walk away. After all, the work is done, right? Instead, you should make sure the content is easily accessible. First, is it loading correctly? A slow load time will turn people away. We simply have no patience online. If it’s loading slow, then you have an issue that needs to be addressed. Also, make sure every page is there, we don’t want any 404 errors.

Be sure to check your site on a phone and tablet. You want your website to be mobile-friendly, especially since Google is now placing priority on mobile sites. Make sure pages load, can be easily navigated and clicked, and that any videos and pictures are there.

Are You Placing Keywords Correctly?

Long tail keywords are typically phrased as questions to mimic how we search with smartphones and voice. Instead of “Dallas dentist” you may have “Do You Need Teeth Whitening in Dallas?” Your keywords should appear in the text, as well as headers and in the URL. Bu remember, no more than three to seven mentions per page, otherwise Google may assume you’re keyword stuffing and your rankings can suffer.

Is Your Navigation Simple?

If I go to your site and want to find the contact page, or your page on dental implants, will I find your navigation to be intuitive and simple? We’re moving away from complex navigations toward simpler models. In fact, the navigation is now mimicking the kind we see on mobile sites, either hidden or limited to between five and seven pages.

Are You Building Links?

To Google, relevant links to related content means expertise. Each page should have between three and five links to related content!

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